Pillar Drill Guards

When it comes to pillar drill guards, it is not only the safety advantages that should convince you to fit one of these items onto your drill but also OSHA rules and regulations. If you do not have one of these items fitted onto all of your drills, you might find that your workshop is the recipient of harsh punishments from the safety rules and regulations board but this should not be the only reason you take measures to install these items onto your drills.

Safety Regulations: for your Health and Safety

When you work with drills, you should always consider yourself at risk at having your hair or clothing caught in the drill and this can be prevented with pillar drill guards. These items will ensure that there is always something between you and the movement of the drill so that you do not injure yourself or someone else while you are working.

Protecting yourself from Flying Metal and Wood

In a workshop, metal and wood are two of the main materials that are used along with drills. These material can be hazardous if you do not ensure that you install pillar drill guards onto your drills because there is always a possibility that a small piece of metal or wood is detached from the item you are working on and sent flying into the air via the drill. These pillar drill guards will protect your face and body from any type of materials that are flung from your drill as these items can move so quickly that you might not even see them coming.

Wear your Protective Gear at all Times

Many people think that these pillar drill guards are enough to protect them from hazards in a workshop environment but they could not be more wrong. When you are working you need to ensure that you are wearing your goggles and gloves at all times as these items will protect your eyes and hands from materials that could damage them. From the moment you enter the workshop to the time that you leave, you should make sure that you are wearing these items.

Following OSHA Regulations at all times

If you do not ensure that you follow OSHA regulations, you could be putting yourself and those that work for you at risk for injuries and this is something that you will want to avoid at all costs. Injuries in the work place cost employers and the economy a lot of money each year and many accidents could have easily been prevented if all of the applicable safety regulations had been following right from the beginning.   

Don’t wait until an accident occurs in your workshop before you begin following important safety regulations. If you truly care about your employees and the level of productivity within your workshop, you will want to ensure that you take all of the appropriate measures to protect them so that they can continue contributing to the success of your business and their own careers.



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