Drill Guards FAQs

If you are going to be using a drill or you own a workshop in which your employees are going to be working a drill, you should make sure that you are aware of certain legal and working facts concerning this equipment. Drill guards FAQs will help you to understand when and why you need this type of safety equipment whether you or someone in your employ is going to be the one operating it.

When should I Install a Drill Guard?

You should use a drill guard whenever you are working with a drill. These items protect you from pieces of metal or wood that might be flung from the drill because they deflect these items away from your face and body.

Where is the Drill Guard Installed?

A drill guard is installed directly in front of the drill itself. Since these items are placed so close to the drill itself, they are usually made from plastic because this makes it easy to see through them while you are working.

Can I Use any Drill Guard on my Drill?

There are certain guards that are manufactured to be used with multiple drills and there are those that can only be used with a specific make and model. When you purchase one of these items you should take note of the make and model of your drill to ensure that you purchase a guard that will fit.

Do I have to wear Goggles while working the Drill?

Yes. Although these guards are meant to protect your body and your eyes from flying pieces of wood and metal, you should always wear your goggles when working a drill since some of these pieces might just go astray.

Are Manufacturers Required to Install Guards in Drills?

No, although these items must have a guard when they are being used, manufacturers are not required to install them when the drills are manufactured. Many of these products are made and sold without a drill guard and it will be up to you to ensure that you purchase and install one of them.

Am I Legally required to install a Drill Guard?

Yes. If you or someone in your employ is going to be using the drill, you are legally required to install a drill guard, according to the OSHA machine-guarding standard. You might want to purchase the guard through the same retailer that sold you the drill machine as this will ensure that you will purchase the right size guard.

Where Can I Purchase a Drill Guard?

You can purchase one of these items from almost any hardware store but it might be best to contact the manufacturer through which you purchased your drill. The manufacturer of the drill might or might not stock these drill guards but they will be able to inform you as to the size and brand of drill guard that will work best for your drill.

When working with heavy equipment, you need to make sure that you understand the safety rules and regulations so that you can protect yourself and your employees while working with the equipment.




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