About Drill Guards

Learning about drill guards and why they are so important will ensure that you take these safety measures seriously whenever you are working with your drill press. While there are many that claim these drill guards tend to get in the way while they are working, your safety should never be compromised for convenience and manufacturers are constantly improving their designs to ensure that the latest drill guards are slimmer, more flexible and allow the operator full visibility when working.

What are Drill Guards made from?

When you learn about drill guards, you will quickly realize that these items need to be as discrete as possible. Since these items are made to protect you from pieces of flying wood and metal, it is obvious that they need to be made from a see-through material since they will be placed between you and the drill of the drill press in order to be effective. Plastic is a very popular option for these items, due to its durability and the fact that it is easy to see through this material.

Why are Drill Guards Important?

As you learn about drill guards, you will come to realize just how important these items are when you are drilling. Small bits of metal and wood might be flung in your direction while you are drilling and these guards deflect these dangerous items away from your body. Without attaching one of these items to your drill, you are putting yourself in danger, even if you are wearing goggles while you drill.

Learning about Drill Guards and the Various Types

You will need to learn about drill guards in order to be able to find the appropriate model and size for your drill. If you need to purchase one of these items, you can either use the model and size of your old drill guard to determine which of these items will be the perfect replacement or you can call the manufacturer that created your drill and ask for advice concerning the drill guard. This decision needs to be made very carefully because these items can be quite expensive and you don’t want to have to spend more money replacing a drill guard that doesn’t fit.

Where Can You Purchase Drill Guards

You can purchase these items from a variety of retailers and manufacturers, both land based and on the internet. When searching for one of these items, you should begin your search by contacting:

  • The manufacturer of your drill
  • Local hardware retailers in the area
  • Second hand hardware stores

Although it is important to purchase these drill guards new, many stores that sell second hand drills will stock new guards and you can learn about drill guards that these retailers stock by contacting a handful of them.

Important Safety Measures

Once you have obtained a drill guard, you should not assume it will provide you with a sufficient amount of protection. You will still need to wear your goggles every time you operate the machinery or you are putting yourself at risk.



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