Drill Press Chuck Guards

There is a fiery debate that continues to rage behind the closed doors of workshops around the country. The focus of this debate is drill press chuck guards and whether they hinder or assist workers in using a drill. While some people consider these items as bulky and a nuisance, others consider it as an important safety mechanism that is necessary to protect workers and employees from the hazards of injuries in the work place.

OSHA Rules and Regulations

OSHA states that drills are required to have drill press chuck guards installed on them if they are going to be used in a work environment. This is the reason that this debate has been started since those that operate the drills must decide whether to replace convenience with safety. Those that do not have these items installed on their drills might find themselves in hot water with OSHA but it is for their own good that they follow these rules and purchase a chuck guard for every drill in their possession.

Although OSHA requires that drill press chuck guards are installed onto every drill, they do not require that these items be manufactured along with the guards. It is up to employees to ensure that each of their drills have a guard attached to them to protect their workers from harm while they are drilling.

Plastic Drill Press Chuck Guards

Those that claim these drill press chuck guards make it difficult to see where you are drilling should have a look at the plastic chuck guards that are now being made available. These items are see-through and this makes it easy for those operating the drills to see exactly what they are doing without endangering themselves in the process. It is never a good idea to replace safety with convenience, especially in the hazardous environment of a workshop and this is why everyone needs to be aware of the OSHA rules and regulations and ensure that they follow them.

Purchase Drill Press Chuck Guards

Before you decide to purchase one of these items, you will need to ensure that you write down the make and model of your drill. You will need this information in order to find the chuck guard that will fit your drill. Once you have this information you can begin searching for these items through a wide range of retailers and manufacturers.

You can purchase a Sealey drill press guard from Tooled Up for about $21.55. This item was manufactured to suit a range of drills, including:

  • GDM50B
  • GDM90B
  • GDM95B
  • GDM160F

Purchasing the right Drill Guard

It is important to purchase the right drill guard or you might find that the item does not fit your drill. If the item does not fit the drill properly, you will not be able to hold it in place while you are drilling and you might as well not have a guard altogether. Take the make and model of your drill to your local hardware store and they will be able to inform you of the guard you need to purchase for your specific drill.



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