Drill Press Guards

Drill press guards can be purchased through the same manufacturers that sold you your drill but how do you know that you are purchasing the right one? You should never assume that a drill guard will fit your drill without first finding out which guards were manufactured for your particular drill. By finding out which guards will best suit your drill, you will be able to use it with ease and rest assured that it will not hinder your work.

Purchase your Drill Press Guards from the Same Manufacturer

The best way to ensure that your drill press guards will suit your drill is to purchase them from the same manufacturer. Manufacturers that construct drills are not required by law to attach drill guards and so they will often sell them separately. The benefit of purchasing these items from the same manufacturer, however, is the fact that they will know exactly what you are looking for in a drill guard and it won’t take long before they find the perfect guard for your particular drill.

Attaching your Drill Guard

Drill press guards need to be attached to drills in some way. While some of these items are attached with the use of screws, others are attached with the use of magnets and this means that they were not made to fit just any drill. When purchasing one of these items from Tooled Up, you will be able to fit a Sealey Drill Press Guard to a variety of models, including:

  • The GDM50B
  • The GDM90B
  • The GDM95B
  • The GDM160F

This drill guard will cost you about $21.55 and it is perfect for when you need to replace a worn or broken guard on your pillar drill.

The Size of your Drill Press Guards

The size of your drill press guards will determine whether they will fit your drill or not. A guard that is too large will not allow you to work efficiently along with it and one that is too small will not fit onto your drill. Understanding the sizes of these guards and the effects that this factor will have on your work should enable you to choose the right option for your drill.

Safety First with Drill Guards

When working in a workshop with hazardous materials, safety should always be your first concern. You should not wait until an OSHA audit before you begin following all of the rules and regulations that are outlined but this body because these rules have been designed to protect you. People are not always aware of the dangers that come from working with drills without the appropriate protective gear until it is too late and you will not be able to take back the damage that has been done once you fail to put the safety regulations in place. Accidents happen when you least expect it and a good employee should always ensure that he or she prepares for just about anything that might take place in his or her workshop.



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