Drill Guards

When purchasing a drill press, you will need to purchase drill guards along with this equipment, according to OSHA machine-guarding standards. While guards are legally required when working with a drill, not all manufacturers will install one of these items on their machines and this means that customers will have to purchase their own.

Legal Safety Requirements and Drill Guards

If you are going to hire someone to work in your workshop, you will need to ensure that all of your drills have drill guards installed onto them. This is a legal requirement and you will need to have these items installed before your employees can begin working with the machinery. Manufacturers are not legally required to install these items onto the drill machines that they sell to the public and the law will hold you responsible for ensuring that the safety regulations are followed whenever a drill is in use.

Adjustable Drill Guards

If you are going to be purchasing an adjustable drill guard, you will need to ensure that the company you purchase these items from has followed the machinery safety regulations for adjustable guards, especially if you are going to be importing these items. The safety regulations are not the same throughout the world and you will need to read up on the regulations that apply to your own state before you make a purchase.

Custom Built Protective Machinery

Custom designed and built machinery is becoming very popular these days as it allows workmen and women more flexibility when it comes to working equipment such as drills. It is important, however, that safety regulations are followed when the machinery and the protective gear is being manufactured. If you wan to design your own protective gear, it might be best to contact a manufacturing company with experience in the matter so that your equipment can be designed according to all of the relevant safety regulations within your state. By using this option, you will not have to learn about the intricate regulations involved in manufacturing the equipment and you can simply take note of the regulations required to make use of the equipment within your workshop or factory.

Protective Gear and Drill Guards

Legal safety requirements for the use of drills do not end with the drill guards and you will need to make yourself aware of all these regulation before you or your employees begin operating these types of equipment. Glasses and other protective gear needs to be worn at all times when working these machines or you might be held responsible for any injuries that result due to neglecting these safety regulations.  

The Penn Tool Co

The Penn Tool co has a variety of drill guards to offer their clients. The Flexbar Chipguard deflectors are only one of the many products that can be used when working with heavy machinery. These items come with polycarbonate shields that can be swiveled in order to position the guard while you work. A 4” by 6” guard will cost you about $38.75.



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